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Self-Compassion Playlist

This week I was introducing the self-compassion break  to a wonderful group of palliative care patients at a hospice where I work. I’ve taken Kristin Neff’s ideas and amended them slightly in creating my own self-compassion break. This is something … Continue reading

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Is Self-Compassion just a warm and fluffy experience?

Why is self-compassion good for us? There seems to be a view that self-compassion is just a soft and fluffy thing to do – like cuddling a soft rabbit. There are some hard facts out there. According to Kristin Neff, … Continue reading

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Why I’ve been so quiet of late….

I am so sorry that I have been out of contact for the last couple of months…it’s not what I planned but the first deadline in my PhD loomed and I needed to finalise my research plan and get it … Continue reading

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21 Stimulating Compassion Videos …

I’ve just reignited my crush on Kristin Neff – one of the world’s leading researchers into self-compassion. She speaks so eloquently and powerfully about the advantages of developing self-compassion and its link to resilience at the 2013 Empathy and Compassion … Continue reading

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5 Books to get you started on your Mindful Compassion Journey (including one you’re not expecting!)

So these are a few of my favourite books; there many more out there but these are the ones I come back to as my core texts. I’m sure the list may change over time but I thought I’d share … Continue reading

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Research Data and a Dying Man’s Words…

I was invited to attend a research seminar a few days ago looking at mindfulness and ageing. There was some terrific data revealed and lots of nuggets of great advice and insight – more about that in future posts. But … Continue reading

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New York Times on Self-Compassion

Here’s a link to an article about self-compassion published by the New York Times Go Easy on Yourself, a New Wave of Research Urges    It features comments from the leading researcher into self-compassion Kristin Neff  – I love her work. Check … Continue reading

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