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iCare 4 week one to one programme

I have just completed the delivery of Phase One of my research into a four week mindfulness and self-compassion programme for Carers. Data is currently being analysed and hopefully will be available towards the end of 2017. The next stage will involve the researching of a free on-line version of this programme. If you are a Carer of someone with a life limiting illness and would like to participate do get in touch and I will put you on my waiting list to be contacted when the programme is ready for launch, probably sometime in 2018. 

Are you a Carer?

tired womanDo you care for someone with a life limiting illness? Would you like to learn ways of handling the stress and anxiety of being a Carer through participating in the iCare programme?

 Would you be prepared to take part in research to help other Carers?

Tired Man

Being a carer of those with life limiting illness e.g. certain cancers, motor neurone disease, dementia or multiple sclerosis, can be very stressful.

Increasing your ability to take greater care of yourself may help you to stay resilient and healthy in the face of stress.

What’s iCare?  It’s a free four part online programme of sessions involving mindfulness and self-compassion practices to help support you as a Carer. Available in 2018 do contact me for further information.

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