21 Stimulating Compassion Videos …

I’ve just reignited my crush on Kristin Neff – one of the world’s leading researchers into self-compassion. She speaks so eloquently and powerfully about the advantages of developing self-compassion and its link to resilience at the 2013 Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference.

Check out the Conference page where there are a number of videos from key speakers from that Conference. Some very interesting stuff here!

Kristin’s talk is about 25 minutes but if you haven’t got time to listen to all of it I recommend checking in at about 7 minutes 50 seconds when she illustrates the gestures of self-compassion and goes on to explain how the threat system gets involved in how we attack ourselves.

I haven’t listened to all the videos so if you have a favourite please let me know below or if you have any comments please share them here. Out of the ones that I have watched, I found the three and a half minute video of Jo Berry talking about the murder of her father and her talks with the man who planted the bomb that killed him particularly inspiring and moving. Dr Emma Seppala talks engagingly about the research that’s ongoing into cultivating compassion – my area of research too. A lady to watch!

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